ALL plans 4 new projects worth Bt12.5b in 2H, including Bt1.2b the Excel Ladprow on August 9.

Comment: Still below the IPO listing price. Several decent location projects coming. But the whole sector is just whacked atm

BLA tones down FY19 earnings, sees insurance premium growth fall short of 10% target, will revamp prods to boost sales.

Comment: They haven’t been decent since 2012?

KTC, BGRIM, TPIPL may be added to FTSE All World to be announced August 23, Tabloid.

MCS signs 2 contracts to supply fabricated steel to Nippon Steel Engineering & Kajima Corp combined 16,500 tons.

Comment: Round…3 for MCS share price movement?

MINT sets up Anantara (Shanghai) Tourism Consulting, aims to draw more booking from China.

RML reaffirms Bt5b revenue this year, supported by Bt8b backlog, target 2 new projects worth Bt13b in 2H19.

Comment: It’s going to be a big question mark on this company’s potential to execute, highest backlog of projects in their history, new shareholders for the past 2 years, lets see how it unfolds..

SIRI’s firm on Bt29b revenue this year, on transfers of 9 condo projects in 2H.

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