AOT reports FY2017 net profit of Bt20.683bn, growing by 7%, as more low-cost airline passengers led total number of passengers to increase to 129.2mn, growing by 7.73%. However, it incurred a retroactive rental expense of \Bt1.378bn, which affected its margin by 0.2%. (Khao Hoon, 30/11/17)
Comment: In the end its monopoly, thats growing, the only question is how much faster and that is dependent upon the expansions in Bangkok and throughout the country. 
BCPG announced a dividend of Bt0.15/share, XD on December 7 and payment on December 22. It plans to use blockchain
technology in electricity trading via internet . (Thun Hoon, 30/11/17)
BGRIM expects 2018 will continue to grow, after the COD of a 450 MW power plant. It is also researching solar farms in Vietnam and Malaysia with production capacity of 100 MW. It signed an MOU with an LNG producer for a joint venture in a power plant project in Cambodia in the future. (Khao Hoon, 30/11/17)
Comment: It’s a giant of a firm that is gobbling up all the MW’s available with a strong balance sheet and all the financing support in the world, but it seems fairly priced at these levels
CENTEL plans to increase number of rooms to 14,000 and number of restaurants to 1,000 by 2021. It has budgeted Bt4.5bn for investment in 2018 and targets 2018 revenue to grow by 7-8%, backed by an uptrend in both hotel and restaurant businesses. (Thun Hoon, 30/11/17)
Comment: Brokers were commenting that CENTEL should benefit from the Bali Volcano issue and that 17% of centel’s hotels are in phuket.
CNT targets 2018 revenue to grow by 15% to Bt9bn after a rise in backlog to Bt8bn. It is waiting for the result of bidding for a Bt15bn project. It plans to continue to bid for new government projects worth Bt50-60bn. It believes gross profit margin will increase to 7% from 5% in 2017. It will negotiate with 1-2 business partners in Laos, which it expects to finalize within 1Q18 . (Thun Hoo n, 30/11/17)
EGCO is developing four power plant projects with total capacity of Bt691MW in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Laos, which will gradually COD in 2019. This will raise its total capacity from the current level of Bt4,574 MW. It reports 9M17 net profit of Bt10bn. (Thun Hoon, 30/11/17)
LPN targets 2018 revenue to grow by 50% to Bt12bn from 2017’s projected revenue of Bt8bn. It targets 2018 presales of Bt18bn, growing by 10-15%. It plans to launch 10 new projects worth Bt15bn. (Khao Hoon, 30/11/17)
TU is going to budget Bt4.8bn to improve production lines and develop new products. It plans to penetrate the Chinese market to add another source of revenue. It projects 2017 revenue to grow by 2% from last year. (Thun Hoon, 30/11/17)
TVD believes 2018 earnings will turn around and targets revenue to grow by 10-15%. It plans to add 30 new products and expand its call center. It says 4Q17 results will grow, which will lead 2017 revenue to reach Bt3.45bn. (Khao Hoon, 30/11/17)
Comment: A possibility but in the end they have to focus on 1 business and not the multiple industries that they are currently involved in. 
WICE targets to become a leader in logistics in Asia. It plans to restructure its organization next year and targets 2018 revenue to grow by 30% to another new high. It also plans to expand its customer base in Hong Kong and China and to book a full year of revenue from UWT. It also plans to continuously acquire businesses and enter into joint ventures. (Thun Hoon, 30/11/17)
Comment: 2 acquisitions done already, this could be a rare success story for a mid-size logistics player in the region. 

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