ASIAN is looking for a partner to expand its business line. It talking to a party in the U.S. and expects some progress this year. It hopes to broaden its customer base abroad. It targets 2017 revenue to grow 20% by implementing active strategies. It plans to launch new products to bring up orders from both existing and new clients. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)
Comment: I don’t quite see what this seafood cold storage company can really bring to the table
CCN plans to take part in Bt100mn in bids in order to boost profit this year. Its backlog is Bt400mn and its outlook is positive. It believes demand for IT management is still high. It expects its 2016 financial statements to be approved by its board next week. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)
Comment: If someone could please explain to me how a company that makes less than THB 10 mn profits is trading @ THB 800 mn market cap 
FSMART targets 1,000 top up machines at 7-Eleven. It plans to have 12,000 Boon Term Top Up machines by the end of this year, boosting growth. (Kao Hoon, 10/02/17)
Comment: It’s a cash cow, and it will continue to be and the only question is how much are willing to pay for this.
GUNKUL expects its power plants to continue operations and it is confident it will suffer no fallout from the Agricultural Land Reform issue. (Kao Hoon, 10/02/17)
Comment: From what we know, if the plants are already up and running then it should be ok, the big risk is for the projects that are not up and running.
ITEL is talking to a party about investing in Myanmar, with progress expected in 2Q17. It expects capital outlay for this at Bt1bn. It targets 2017 revenue to grow 30% to Bt850mn. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)
LHBANK targets 2017 loan growth of 6-10%, with growth in corporate loans of 5-6%, personal loans of 10-15%, as well as in home loans and SME loans. (Kao Hoon, 10/02/17)

ORI targets revenue to reach Bt10bn in 2019. Its backlog is Bt12.88bn. (Kao Hoon, 10/02/17)
PTT has set its five-year investment budget at Bt200bn, with Bt22bn to be spent this year, largely for natural gas service stations. It is looking for other natural gas resources as there is no progress in the Bongkot and Erawan concessions. It concerns that natural gas supply will drop by 2.3trn cubic feet in 2022-2023. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)
PTTGC plans to list subsidiary GGC this year. It expects to book an extra gain of Bt1.2bn. (Kao Hoon, 10/02/17)
RICHY expects 1H17 presales to be above Bt1bn after launching a condo in Laksi area. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)
SEAFCO got a Bt281mn project. It expects growth this year to exceed last year’s. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)
Comment: But their #’s haven’t shown it yet even though their stock price has gone through the roof
SCN expects 2017 revenue to be better than 2016 on the back of recovery in NGV demand. It targets 10 NGV stations. It is talking to PTT for three natural gas purchase agreements. It expects a conclusion in 1H17. It continues to study opening more NGV stations. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)
STEC reported 2016 net profit of Bt1.38bn, -10%YoY. Total revenue was Bt18.6bn, lower than 2015’s Bt18.9bn. Total expense decreased to Bt16.9bn from Bt17bn. (Post Today, 10/02/17)
TPBI plans to expand to Myanmar. It signed an MoU with a local partner, Myanmar Star Group, and plans to invest in plastic packaging to serve demand. It expects this to be a production base for its exports. It expects a decision to be made in March. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)
TNR expects 1H17 performance to be good, boosted by high demand and lower financial cost. It targets 2017 revenue to grow 8% from last year. It is looking for new orders to add to current orders of 400mn units. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)
TSTH expects 2018FY sales to grow 8-10% on seasonally large orders. It is negotiating to sell its steel mill, with a book value of Bt1bn. It plans to use the cash to support its business growth. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)
Comment: With China cracking down on steel manufacturing supply in China I wouldn’t be surprised to see all the local steel firms in Thailand start to do well, but this may just be short term in nature. 
UAC expects to complete due diligence for a 21MW Japanese power plant worth Bt2bn in Feb. It expects a conclusion about 20MW biomass power plants in Myanmar within 1Q17. It plans for its power business to comprise 50% of total revenue from 30% now. It targets revenue to hit Bt3mn within 2020. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)
VTE is studying investing in a 25MW biomass and 10-20MW solar farm in Japan with target IRR of at least 10%. It expects revenue to mark a record high from Bt2.5bn work on hand. It expects the winners of Bt200-300mn bids to be announced within two months. It plans to issue a debenture to obtain funds to invest in its power business. (Thun Hoon, 10/02/17)

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