ATP30 expects revenue growth of 10% this year. The march toward an election will increase confidence in investment and bring it more customers. (Thun Hoon, 11/12/18)

BGRIM targets earnings growth of 16% next year to Bt42bn. Electricity production capacity will increase by 863MW next year. It has been looking into a 30MW wind farm project in Korea and will make a decision next year. It is preparing to issue Bt5bn in debentures to refinance debt, reducing financial cost by 0.1-0.2%. (Thun Hoon, 11/12/18)
Comment: I think you’re going to be seeing a lot of news coming out of this company over the next 6 months

BM expects to get a job from US customer valued Bt300mn. It will know the result this month. It expects to get a subcontracted job for the second phase of USO with a value of Bt170mn. It targets revenue growth of 10-20% next year to a record high. Backlog is Bt500mn and some will be booked as revenue this year. (Thun Hoon, 11/12/18)

BTS-CP consortium joint venture is waiting for to see if it passed the technical qualifications for the rail link for three airports valued at Bt224bn. The Royal Thai Railways has confirmed that the winner will sign the contract within Jan 31. (Kao Hoon, 11/12/18)
Comment: I have my bets on BTS (viewpoint not holding) winning this.

CHEWA expects revenue of Bt2.4bn this year after already booking revenue of Bt2.251bn in 9M18. Backlog is Bt570mn. It has opened bookings for its condominium “Hallmark Charan 13” valued at Bt490mn. It expects to complete presales and book revenue next year. (Kao Hoon, 11/12/18)
Comment: Despite all this negative rhetoric around the property sector, it is interesting to see that companies such as CHEWA are still able to transfer their units.

GPSC has budgeted Bt3bn to buy shares in nine solar farm projects with total electricity production capacity of 39.5MW, adding to the renewable power plant projects in its investment portfolio. Revenue from the acquired projects will be booked immediately. The deal will be completed in 1Q19 and its electricity production capacity will reach 1979.5MW. (Kao Hoon, 11/12/18)

PTTEP has expanded its exploration and production of petroleum. It plans to enter the power plant business in Myanmar. Winning Bongkot and Erawan gas fields will stabilize its oil reserves. It does not expect to have to book impairment cost next year. (Kao Hoon, 11/12/18)
Comment: Investors and speculators are twiddling their thumbs awaiting the result of this.

SISB share price rose by 10.36% after the court turned down consideration of the lawsuit by Mr. Juti against the SEC for allowing SISB to do an IPO. If Mr. Juti wants to appeal, he must do so today. The SET announced that it was putting SISB on the cash balance list for Dec 11 – Jan 18. (Kao Hoon, 11/12/18)
Comment: International schools are a great business in Thailand given how weak the local education system is considered to be. What you’ll find is that except for a few schools, the majority of students are Thai nationals.

SKY has submitted its 2019 business plan to the board for approval. Management plans to add to backlog to reach Bt5bn this year. It is bidding for many projects with total value of Bt3bn. It expects results to be better this year. (Thun Hoon, 11/12/18)

WHA is negotiating to sell land to 4-5 customers, each of whom will take 300-400 rai. The deal will be completed in 1Q19. It plans to set up industrial estates in Vietnam and Indonesia. If it is placed in the SET50 index, investors will be more confident. (Thun Hoon, 11/12/18)
Comment: But nothing has happened yet this year in terms of land sales, and I don’t expect that the picture will change much next year

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