BAY sees ytd corp lending +6% yoy frm surged dmd for wrking cap, expts fees inc jump frm multiple M&A deals & overseas expansion.

Comment: I just don’t see the banking sector doing well…if someone has a different opinion please share.

CHEWA sees +ve surprise 1Q frm better than expted townhome sales and strng condo trnsfr ahead of new LVT effective in Apr, t/g new launch 10 pj worth Bt10b, eyes Bt28.8b FY rev t/g.

Comment: Questions questions questions abound for the real estate market in Bangkok. How far will GPM’s fall? Will sales figures be far lower? Will companies cut back on launches? My question is – what will happen if all this negativity doesn’t transpire?

FPI said strng 1Q to boost FY19 rev grwth by 10% to Bt2.2b and prft to Bt110m, supported by Bt800m backlog, of which Bt400-500m to realize this yr.

GFPT upbeats 1Q erngs frm higher poultry sales margins frm lower feedmill costs, improved poultry selling px frm rcvry dmd frm JPN, China & Europe.

III to sign prtnrship deal with 2 airlines to expnd intercontinent cargo delivery service, expts bottom-out 1Q frm low traffic on CNY, in talk 2 prtnr to est chem depot on 10k sq.m, finalize deal in Apr, firms on 20% rev grwth t/g.

Comment: It does appear that the logistics firms are still performing well despite the economic weakness

PREB to bid cnstrction pj combined Bt4b, t/g to win at least 40%, Bt8b bcklog to realize till FY21, t/g 20% re grwth this yr.

Comment: See CHEWA..

RATCH secured AUD179m loan for Collector windfarm pj in Australia, 226.8MW, with construction starts mid-2019.

SEAFCO wins 4 foundation wrk pj worth Bt237m, lifts bcklog to Bt2.5b, will realize entire lot this yr.

VGI t/g 15% rev grwth driven by larger outdoor ad & digital media ntwrk, Kerry Express and cntribution frm RABBIT pmt platform.

Comment: So when will Kerry be IPO’ed?

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