BBL sets 4-6% loan growth target, adapts well to IFRS9.

Comment: Well IFRS9 may be postponed for the entire sector…

BGRIM completed acquisition of 124MW GLOW SPP1 Bt3.3b, boosting capacity by 6% from current 2,076MW.

BMTA’s cancelled CHO’s Bt1.665b e-Ticket and Cash Box contracts for breaching of TOR.

Comment: And then CHO came out with an official letter that they have not received any confirmation from the BMTA.  Wtf is the BMTA doing?

KTC expands e-commerce payment channel, aims to capture credit card spending thru online shopping, target 280k new card subscribers, Bt220b card spending this year.

QH offers as much as Bt300K discount in its “Spark Deal” campaign for 3 housing projects in Pracha-u-tit during March 16-31.

SEAFCO sees strong 1Q19, firms on Bt3b revenue FY19 from realizing Bt2.3b backlog, confident of securing 30% of Bt23b worth of contracts it plans to bid.

SDC expects to close deal network projects for online polls monitoring and security at polling stations by end of-1Q.

Comment: Well that would be a bit late to receive such a project…

SUPER gets nod from SEC to set up infra fund, SUPEREIF.

Comment: After 4 years of talking about it, its finally happening!

TFG sees record high profit this year from strong poultry sales volume both domestic & oversea and higher margins from processed products, sets Bt1b capex to revamp plant and upgrade feed-mill products capacity to 190ktpm from current 120ktpm, aims to boost sales from outside buyers to 50% of total production from current 20% within 3 years.

Comment: And yet the share price is down 50% from its peak

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