BLA rolls out new insurance prods to capture demand for tax saving ahead of yr end.

CPALL sees strong 2H from +ve SSSG supported by govt spending stimulus, wider margins from ready meals & healthy drinks and rev from counter service pay & banking agent.

Comment: And all this helicopter money is just putting tax payers money into the pockets of CP and Thai Beverage.

DTAC expects recovery ARPU 4Q from strong voice & data traffic on seasonal, to tap in B2C & B2B segments to expand client base.

GUNKUL eyes Bt5b worth of pj from Electricity Authorities, after securing 3.99MW solar roof pj from Murata Electronics.

KBANK announces partnership with Spore multi-currency travel wallet & money changer, YouTrip, today.

MTC plans Bt20b bond next yr, to refinance another Bt30-40b debt, hoping for Bt100-200m cost saving, and boosting loan port to Bt80b from Bt60b.

Comment: Just an incredible growth machine…

ORI launches promo on 12 pjs to celebrate 10th anniversary, capitalizing on Govt’s stimulus to boost presales in 4Q.

Comment: We shall see their margins are impacted

PTTEP completes purchase of Partex Holding from Calouste, lifts capacity by 16,000 boed.

  1. Pon would you believe it, Gulf is underpriced according to Bualuang Securities. Target price an eye watering 200 baht a share. mind you these guys also once had Beauty pegged at a TP of 20 odd baht.

    • If you were to assume that Gulf wins every future IPP project in Thailand and then chuck in this win in Vietnam, then yes one can achieve a THB 200 target price for GULF. Now 1) Will all the IPP projects in Thailand be bidded out on time and 2) Will Gulf win them all? If not then the valuation comes into question. But one can always dream 😉

  2. To those familiar with the EPC bidness, the apex of the experience is always the incredible contract signing ceremony. All the LVMH are safely ensconced, skies are blue, backlog is unbelievable.

    Then subcontractor(s) who underbid start to write letters. These are the sole responsibility of the prime contractor. “We have faith in you. You can manage this. I have to take this call.”

    Difficult to time this, especially where the work is spread so widely (and thinly?). All parties are well advised to have very heavy duty financial back-up (and friends). And performance bonds…well that comes way down the line.

    Would BBL be recommending a short at 200 I wonder?

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