BTS to cod 4 skytrain stations (Ratchayothin 24, Ratchayothin, Senanikhom, Kasetsart Uni) on Dec 4.

IRPC sees recovery in 4Q from petrochemical, refinery and progress in US-China trade deal.Opening of bidding envelops for 45MW Srinakarin Dam floating solar projects is scheduled for today, SCC, GPSC, SPCG, GUNKUL, WHAUP, EPCO, IRPC, BGRIM and among those vying for the projects.

Comment: This is a small project for all the names listed

LIT signs SME client to provide projects backup finance and factoring service to expand automated parking business worth Bt70m

PSH launches promo campaign on SHOPPEE during 11.11 shopping campaign, while MOF teams up developers to roll out 11.11 campaign to purge 35,000 units at <Bt3m housing inventories ahead of year end.

RS rebrands MPC business to RS Mall to expand home shopping and ecommerce business.

Comment: I’m wondering when we are going to see some new project between RS and the BTS related co’s

SCB’s confident can solve PACE debt issue by Nov, won’t force liquidation, as PACE is still operating fine, reassures Bt10b debt has been 100% provided for since 2018.

Comment: Who is going to pay for this? And no PACE isn’t operating fine, they are behind on all their bills. The Labour court in Thailand is going to have field day with the cases against PACE. But have a look at PACE its the best performing name in the past 2 weeks. Even a PoS can be attractive at the right price.

SPRC expects FY20 turnaround from additional cracking capacity 10k bpd, improved sales vol & GRM from surged refined fuel demand from IMO requirement.

TASCO maintain FY19 asphalt sales volume target above 2m tons, eyes 2.2-2.3m tons next year, expects positive momentum continue from lower raw material costs & heathy demand from Vietnam and China on infra expansion.

Comment: As long as oil prices remain around here then its good times for TASCO, and maybe its parent TIPCO?

TISCO & KKP expect to be main beneficiary from policy rate cut, as NIM likely grows from lower COF on hire purchase portfolio, Tabloid.

Comment: No, its SAWAD and MTC that are going to make better NIMs, banks are just going to be continuously hurt.

  1. I pared my banking stocks prior to the BOT decision thinking a cut would plunge bank stocks like it did in August, investor sentiment can change on a dime and banks have actually gone up. Why trade on fundamentals like NIM when we can trade on feelings..

    • peter satrapa-binder

      well, as once i read in a book written by a stock trader the stock market is 10 % economic and company fundamentals and 90 % psychology:)

      • Absolutely, psychology plays an overwhelming part, I try not to follow the herd and buy when shareprice diverges from the actual company performance.

        Right now that is happening to Samtel IMO, at current prices the yield this year could hit nearly 7%. (0.55/7.9)

        • peter satrapa-binder

          the same happened recently for TPIPP: recently their share price dropped considerably and very fast following a rumour that they would not pay much dividend next year as they will have some large opportunity to invest in something.. but since then they have confirmed that their dividend will be at least the same as last year AND their 3Q19 financial results were also better than last year’s ones… their dividend yield is also app. 6-7 % now:)

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