BTS reassures solid 4Q18 (eo-Mar19) from full qtr contribution of skytrain operating rev for south green line extension and tailwind from subsidiary, VGI.

IRPC sets Bt105b 5-yr capex, seeks board approval for Bt40b MARS pj mid-yr, t/g $100m EBITDA for GALAXY pj.

MINT sees rev doubled in FY19 on full yr contribution from NHH and strong 2Q from seasonal, sets 10% avg growth t/g and Bt10-15b/yr capex for hotel and food biz.

Comment: Again it’s just that debt sitting there. There was a great one-off from a non financial transaction that boosted the 4Q18 #’s…otherwise net profits would’ve been far lower

PTG sees meaningful turnaround this yr from improved marketing margins due to diesel selling px curb last yr & lower exp after heavily invested in palm complex last yr, t/g gasoline sales vol growth 16-20%, GPM 40-50%, t/g 2k stations by eoy from current 1,884 outlets, m/t rev mix from non-oil at 55-60% from last yr.

Comment: So 2 things 1) Marketing margin 2) When will the palm complex start to throw off a profit to the firm after 4 years of planning and execution

SKY’s Bt2.9b out of Bt6b backlog to realize this yr, will book rev from govt BB pj Net zone C 2 contracts in 1Q, mulls to bid for ICT security pj worth Bt500m in 1Q and Bt1b network pj in 4Q.

Comment: They’ve come out of nowhere and won several projects

SSP t/g 25-30% rev growth this yr >Bt1.4b from cod 16.4mw Mongolia solar in Mar (75% holding), 50mw VN solar cod in 2Q lift total to 157mw from 90mw eo-FY18, upbeats 1Q earnings from full qtr contribution of 2 JPN solar combined 23mw, eyes 87mw cod t/g FY20.

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