CHO offers PP to Marat Saelim of 118mn shares at Bt1.4297/share. This will give it Bt169mn in funds to support investment in its E-Ticket project, a ten-wheel truck repair center and Khonkaen Smart City. (Kao Hoon, 13/12/18) 

Comment: That’s an interesting development, no idea who Marat Saelim are. 


ITEL got a job from Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) valued at Bt276mn. It is bidding for many projects, both private and public. (Thun Hoon, 13/12/18) 


KTIS reported FY2018 (end-Sep) financial performance. Earnings were Bt629.3mn and revenue was Bt18.07bn. It has expanded its biomass power plant projects. The board approved a dividend payment of Bt0.15 per share. (Kao Hoon, 13/12/18) 


PACE is franchising its tourism retailing, Lagardre Travel Retail, taking its brand Dean and Deluca to airports, train stations and tourist spots. It targets 150 branches in five years with fee revenue of Bt600mn. It will add 30 stores in 2019. It is looking for investors to buy its franchise, raising fee revenue. (Thun Hoon, 13/12/18) 

Comment: Basically they are becoming a licensing company


SAAM IPO offering price is Bt1.80 per share. It plans to use the proceeds to invest in a renewable power plant project. Shares will be offered Dec 24-27 and it expects to trade on mai in January next year. (Thun Hoon, 13/12/18) 

Comment: I do wonder if this will mark a turnaround in share price performance of new IPOs


SANKO has budgeted Bt100mn to add 20% to production capacity to handle new orders, from the current capacity of 1.2mn pieces. It said it is already running at almost full capacity. Management expects sales of Bt600mn next year and this year sales are expected to beat target. (Thun Hoon, 13/12/18) 


SCC has budgeted Bt25mn to set up a joint venture in construction materials retailing in Bangladesh which had sales of Bt2.72bn last year. The joint venture will cement its trading business abroad and is expected to start up in 2Q19. (Thun Hoon, 13/12/18) 


SEAFCO expects revenue to beat its growth target of 30% to Bt2.7bn as it gradually sends jobs as planned. Backlog is Bt2.876bn. It is waiting for the results of bidding projects with total value of Bt23bn, of which it expects to get 20-30%. It expects earnings growth of 10% next year. (Kao Hoon, 13/12/18) 

Comment: Their earnings have effectively doubled since 2015/2016. 


VGI targets revenue of Bt10bn within three years. This year, it is confident revenue will reach at least Bt5bn. New Year, Chinese New Year and the election will stimulate spending. It has budgeted US$3040mn to set up digital billboards and a payment system in Indonesia, partnering with a bid Indonesian player, SIMARMAS, to expand ad media in subways. Revenue from these investments will be booked in 2H19 with expected breakeven in 2-3 years. It is negotiating with companies to do M&A and JV in the marketing solutions business. (Thun Hoon, 13/12/18)

Comment: The investment size in Simarmas is minimal but it’s a great story nonetheless

  1. So Pttep finally won the bid for erawan and bongkot hooray, oh wait they bid some stupidly low prices to get the projects and now have to rely on cost cutting to make it work.

  2. Pon any idea what on earth happened to Demco at the close? Just dived 30% albeit on small volume of about 600k shares. Any rumours going around?

  3. Hi Xavi,
    it’s long time Demco don’t pay dividends, mr. market is selling good div stocks with low p/e, so you can imagine what they are doing with Demco, just realignin its real value.
    Hope you are not big invest in Demco, would be a huge loss.

    I was hoping in a end-year really, or at least in a window dress, to get out.
    We are on the border of danger, S&P500 under 2600 can trigger anoter massive sell off, with SET going again in 1200-1600 range once again.

    • As an investor I hold for the long term, the thing that concerns me is if a GL or Earth situation arises through fraud etc. if not I’m a buyer at sub 3 baht as the holdings of Demco alone is worth double the current market cap, and those holdings are very profitable.

  4. All right Xavi,
    patience is the best virtue in investments, always give you rewards.

    I wait for Pon coming back, it’s almost time for the wishes of new year, 🙂

    • Always here 🙂

      Xavi knows that the best way to find me is a DM on twitter.

      Comment on the market – no one is looking at valuations, debt levels, politics etc etc its just a sell sell sell

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