CPN plans to open at least 2 new shopping centres in Malaysia and VN as soon as possible after the successful opening here last week of its 1st Malaysian shopping centre, Central i-City, built at a cost of Bt8.5b.

Comment: I am curious to see how they will perform in Hanoi, I have my doubts on all the shopping centres performing well over there. 

CRANE expects to wrap up heavy machineries sales to contractor in Jul, mulls bid for additional foundation work projects Bt7b in 2H, firms on Bt1.39b full year revenue target.

EA anticipates another record high profit this year from full year recognition of 664mw capacity, energy storage factory phase 1 on track to complete 4Q, firms on 20% full year revenue growth target.

Comment: Ahhh but the battery plant is delayed. Now and the God father of china’s EVs says that hydrogen is the future for cars. Let me know when the name is back to the 20s

MC launches McMc outlet stores to capture upcountry market, target 30 outlets by end of year, aims to steer away from intense retail competition in downtown BKK.

PTTEP eyes $622m M&A in Partex Holding, operation of petroleum biz in Middle-east.

RS kick-off promo campaign to boost home shopping sales ahead end-2Q from Jun 17-28, target sales topped Bt300m from 2 weeks events.

SABINA anticipates wider margins 1-3% this year supported by lower costs from OEM orders on the back of trade war, will shift productions from 30% OEM & 70% in-house to 50:50 by next year.

Comment: When I was younger man we all heard Dhoom dhoom and had a good giggle. For the longest time sabina’s shares have been at 100x PE – until recently. Could things finally looking attractive for once? 

THG sees stronger 2H on contribution from new hospital and Jin Wellbeing County, firms on 20% revenue growth this year.

Comment: they have a lot of projects that are under development, until these are close to fruition I doubt that we would see further share appreciation. But the owner has continued to buy since its IPO

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