EA: report cod of 48mw wind farm, Hanuman 5, on Friday.

Comment: Nothing new, but there are still several questions around their battery project…

PTTEP: will book immediate contribution of Murphy’s Malaysia assets from 2Q, expects full year Oil & Gas sales +7.5% yoy topped 344kbpd, EBITDA +16%, mulls to buy Murphy’s Vietnam & Brunei assets to add scale.

Comment: That came out of nowhere! Expect analysts to increase forecasts by +15-30% for the next 2 years should this go through.

TIGER: wins contract to build Sadao industrial estates in Songkla worth Bt 538m.

TSE: buys 49% stake in 5mw solar operator, Bang Sai Solar (BSS), for Bt 132.5m, expects to wrap up 2 M&A biomass powerplants in Vietnam total 50mw within May, reaffirms big jump 1Q from additional 20mw capacity cod in the quarter.

Comment: The value of the older renewable firms have dropped tremendously since the days of THB 100 mn / MW

  1. Expect reserves-rich BOT to be supportive of “sensitive” enterprises (banks) beyond your wildest imagination. Appearance is Reality.

  2. Oh Boy…another 4 Years with the General and the Small and Midcaps who not Profit from the Flow of Money from the Generals to „ Friends and Family’s „ will maybe mostly out of the Race..

    Maybe best way is out of Thai Stocks for now…High Risk and Low Returns is not the best Recipe…

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