EASTW give 1.5% discount on tap water sales to Provincial Waterwork Authority for 3 months from April to June 20 to aid those impacted from COVID 19.

Comment: Not much of a discount…water has been the only utility to not be targeted for discounts by any government for the past 15 years (from memory)

HANA expects earnings bottom out 1Q after hit by electronic supply chain disruption from China lockdown, Bt8.5b net cash position able to cover Bt1.2b expense/quarter, anticipates 2H turnaround on high season.

IRPC seeks board approval to cut 5-year capex by 50% to Bt34b, postpone MARS and acquisitions.

Second phase of lockdown easing will take effect from May 17, pending final approval on May 15, with proposal to allow shopping malls to reopen, but cinema is not included in this phase, a blow to MAJOR.

Comment: Top Gun 2 is coming out in November. What else do I have to say?

MTC sees strong demand for car title loans in 2Q driven by funding need ahead of planting season, firms on plan to add 600 outlets to 4.7k branches by year end, eyes 20-25% revenue growth this year.

Comment: The issue will be the ability to continue raising financing to fund expansion. With the current state of the bond market I don’t know what is going on.

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