More than 50 firms, including SCC, GPSC, BCPG, IRPC, GUNKUL, WHAUP, EPCO, have bought bidding envelops for 45MW floating solar PP, result by Aug 20, 2019.

COM7, JMART, SYNEX to benefit from strong THB on lower costs of import mobile and gadgets; BGRIM, EGCO and GULF also expects to benefit from investments on power biz abroad; AAV, BA and THAI to benefit from lower USD debts in THB terms, Tabloid.

Comment: Every importer will benefit. Although the question then is if they are selling the products domestically is the demand growth still there?  

FN sees 2H turnaround from recovery sales following online expansion, target online sales topped 6% from current 3% by end of year, to raise revenue from house brand to 70% from current 60% to boost margins

Comment: Well their house brands are only really competing on price and not brand recognition, and there are still question marks over their locations performing

GULF eyes 30% stake in 6,000MW gas-fired PP in Vietnam, which could boost rev to Bt140b in 2024, said no plan to raise capital nor split par.

Comment: This company just keeps going and going and going

GUNKUL expects big jumps 2H from higher power gen capacity on windfarm high season, will wrap up M&A 100mw VN solar IN 3q, 30mw solar rooftop to cod in 4Q, eyes 30% full year revenue growth target above Bt8b.

JWD expects to wrap up M&A F&B business in 3Q, aims to capitalize synergy from logistic and cold storage business, expects strong 2H from cargo warehouse management & logistic revenue on high season, target 20% revenue growth this year.

Comment: I do like how they are expanding regionally in their partnership with CJ

LOXLEY’s ready to resume 2-3 digit lotto projects after PM gave a greenlight for the projects, pending a public hearing.

LPN launched sales promotion on 13 residential projects for the last week of 2Q, free transfer, down payment, fully furnished and extra discount to purge inventories before end of -2Q.

SPALI launches Bt530m Supalai Ville Nakornsrithamaraj end of this month.

SUSCO maintain 8% full year gasoline sales volume growth target driven by larger stations network and improved demand, will add additional 20 stations before end of year, sees room for growth from non-oil business.

Comment: Their exports have grown tremendously and the airliner fuel business has done well, but 50% comes from the stations which may not see the huge volume growth that one may notice from BCP, PTT and PTG, but yes cheap on valuations hence the sharebuyback by the company

TPIPL target full year cement sales +3-5% yoy supported by demand for infra expansion, expects boost from power subsidiary, TPIPP, after cod 150mw coal fired pp in Jan, firms on Bt37b FY19 revenue target.

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