KTB says to miss 5% loan growth target this year, after 3% growth 9M19, sets 3.2% growth target next year, to lower NPL from current Bt106b to below Bt100b.

IRPC to complete 2 M&A deals next year, PP Compound Downstream and MARS.

ERW cuts FY19 hotel revenue growth target to 3-5% yoy from 7-10% previous guidance from weak global macro and fierce competition, Mercure Ibis Sukumvit 24 on track to cod in December.

Comment: Tourism numbers continue to impress but there’s an oversupply in the industry

ORI’s 9 projects on schedule to transfer in 4Q, target 8 new launch by end of year, Bt40b backlog to realize till eo-FY21.

Comment: This is one of the property co’s that has a weak balance sheet

SIRI’s 6 projects to transfer in 4Q, will launch 10 projects worth Bt14.8b by end of year, Bt59b backlog to realize till FY22.

Comment: This is the other

THAI said will be profitable next year, sets 80% loan factor, new strategy, but won’t cut price to compete.

Comment: Is this a magical statement? Or are they going to raise cap to pay down the debt and interest payments.

  1. The solution for THAI is to privatize it, hire an internationally recognized turnaround specialist. The athernative is for the BOD to plant those 6 pots we are waiting for.

  2. Pon, thoughts on Q3 so far? Banks held up well but overall a pretty big let down. Samtel, big disappointment with the level of work delivered this quarter, but Q3 is traditionally the low season isnt it? Will you be attending the analyst day for Samtel?

    DEMCO, surprising they managed to eek out a profit after expensing over 100mil for the final foundation costs, saved by the dividend income from their investments ironically enough.

    • Samart group only holds annual analyst meetings.

      overall #’s have been $hit and this isn’t a surprise

      demco – not really surprised. Suspect the pain finally over. Focus for the firm will be back on the core business. CF’s 300-400 mn next year.

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