1. My value portfolio liquidated itself 3 months ago. See massive cash buildup at BH, Blankfein’s recent comment (in public) in the States.

    No worries, the president of the Investment Analysts Association said there was no bubble.

    On July 1, 1997, the Minister of Finance said there were no circumstances whatsoever the BOT would devalue the baht. He floated the next day.

    The Relative Strength Index on the SET this date is at 91.

      • Problem is the word “only.” It was way “overbought” at 91–the behaviorist odds point to a pullback. They are only odds (probability) based on “return to the mean.” I have seen these odds and the RSI go under the bus quite a few times and this may be one of them; so if you’re short or hedging, jack be nimble. N.B. This is no place, e.g., puts, to hang on for the long term, etc. DW’s expire and you will lose it all if you’re wrong. However, the premium is all you can lose.

        The timing of this leg up coincided with the departure of a former PM. Uhhhh, WTF?

        See also however highly-publicised lemming-like switch to Emerging Market funds. Old saw on Wall Street: when the bull market hits the cover of Time Magazine (i.e., mass media notice), Sell.

        You pays your money, you takes your chances.

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