So a quick summary:

  • SET profit was -53% YoY, -42% QoQ
  • This was effectively driven by resources (specifically the energy sector)
  • Agro & food was the only industry to grow YoY and QoQ
  • Agri business, electronics, Packaging, Paper & machinery, personal products were the sectors that grew YoY and QoQ.
  • 90/733 companies (SET & MAI) grew their profits & eps both YoY and QoQ
  • What the brokers aren’t showing is the breakdown in the SET profits per industry/sector, they’re included in the tables below.
  • Note: The charts are limited to +/- 100%…the ranges are massive this past quarter….

Industry Table & Chart

Sector Table & Chart

    • Cheap as chips?
      A quarter of profits without the foundation crap.
      in 1Q20 they revised up the holding in WEH based on a recent transaction so BV of demco went from 4.3 to 6.3.

          • AQ would be the latest but that seems to be quite shady as they never disclosed the investment was in WEH until the SET stepped in and asked for an explanation of the transaction, according to their latest financials the investment in WEH is 1,500,000 shares at 600 baht and that was in late 2018.

            Wonder who sold them the shares and why they were so unwilling to disclose the investment.

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