NBTC’s handed an official warning letter to a ADVANC’s unit, urging it to strictly ensure cybersecurity and data protection after the firm accidentally exposed its database of 8b internet records online without a password during a scheduled test earlier this month.

BAM cuts 25 bps for all type of interest lending charged to clients to ease burden from restructuring and those who bought NPAs.

CBG Chairman and CEO Sathien Setthasit seeks to sell 20m share (2%) at Bt95-98 in overnight placement, by UBS, raising $60m, with option to raise by $40m.

Comment: Peak CBG? 

CPALL teams up SME Bank to add SME products via 7-11 online thru 24 Shopping app.

FSMART mulls cutting revenue growth target from 4-6% earlier, as 2Q remained poor from Covid, target adding 2,000 fuel vending machines and 4-5K vending machines.

IFEC temporary shutdowns Daradevi hotel from absence of tourist arrival.

Comment: We’ve been hearing that 100 hotels are up for sale nationwide, sounds small, expected a higher #

JKN upbeats 2H earnings from strong content sales momentum due to growing competition on DTV business, seeks to boost content sales abroad, target 50% contribution from oversea sales within 3 years.

Comment: They have not met any announcements, tabloid news, etc etc since they’ve IPO’ed

PLANB anticipates 2H turnaround from recovery advertising spending to revive consumptions, will start to realize revenue from Smart Bus Shelter 1,170 stations & maintenance contract for 691 stops, expects Bt300m revenue contribution from advertising management contract in 7-11 this year.

RML sees net loss in 1H20, cuts revenue target this year to Bt2.5-3b from Bt4.5b set earlier.

Central Bankruptcy Court will announce today whether to accept for examination THAI rehab petition.

Comment: Yawn. Just get it over and done with.

THANI announced RO 1.88b shares 2 old :1 new @ Bt1, cuts full year lending target to Bt20b from Bt24b, expects recovery demand for commercial vehicles HP in 2H, aims to curb NPL within 5%.

Comment: Thats a fairly large RO, THANI > ASK on the way up due to its high leverage ratio but on the way down ASK > THANI

WHA to open 12th IE in 2H20, keeps 1,400 rais land sales target, mulls raising oversea revenue to 10-20% in 3-5 years.

Comment: I still think the China + 1 trend will continue. Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia will benefit. 

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @Comment: I still think the China + 1 trend will continue. Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia will benefit. :

    considering that the trade conflicts between the usa and china seem to be far from over and might well increase too, i’d also think that there will be some production leaving china and coming to south east asia and other countries in the region…

    • From what I’ve seen in the #’s, FDI to china was already declining since … 2015. Vietnam picked up a chunk because Thailand was too busy slapping themselves itself in the face.

      • peter satrapa-binder

        yes, but it looks like the trend will continue and maybe strengthen. and i remember newspaper reports from the time the us-china trade problems started: in short many of them were generally about Thailand moaning, but Vietnam (among some other countries) grabbing the resulting opportunities…

  2. So now Central has bought out Familymart from their Japanese partner we have Central vs CP in the mini mart and CP vs Charoen in the supermarket…

    Should Thailand just hand the keys over to these 3 families and let them run the ship? Maybe they will do a better job than Prayuth..

    • Thailand already handed the keys over to CP and Charoen decades ago. Prem was Chairman of Thai Bev…how else did he get the monopoly and survive ’97? And a country controlled by a few families is $hit, look at the Philippines.

      For the convenience store market, most countries only have 2 players, a third player typically gets wiped out.

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