Bloomberg had a nice little piece on the recovery of Thailand and the market the other day, it states a lot of what we already know but still a decent summary nonetheless, here are some key points and the link to the rest of the article

  • Private spending jumped by 3.8 percent in the June quarter, its best year-on-year performance since early 2013
  • Over the past three months, analysts have more than doubled their consensus third-quarter earnings estimates for Sizzler, Burger King and Swensen’s franchisee Minor International, whose Thai restaurants are witnessing double-digit same-store sales growth, according to Krungsri Securities.
  • On Monday, Carabao Group reported a solid 12 percent jump in Thai sales from the previous quarter. This year’s 77 percent gain in its shares puts the energy-drink maker atop the country’s best performing 50 stocks.
  • Will the revival last? At almost 72 percent of GDP, Thai households are still carrying a large debt load.

Source: Bloomberg

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