So all over the news yesterday was that the BOT may come out with stringent new ruling on credit card, the table below was compiled by the clever folks over at Maybank Kimeng Thailand.

KTC has been hammered by this and continues to be, AEONTs (no chart) appears to remain flat.

So what?

The worst case:

  • No doubt that there will be issues for KTC, less customers buying things that they can’t afford and paying interest on it.
  • Same goes for AEONTS
  • JMT will have less bad debt to buy and collect
  • Consumer spending will decrease tremendously
  • Loan sharks will return

The best case:

  • Nothing changes as both companies have rather strict policies on the limits per person


  • SAWAD, MTLS, GL, S11 etc etc as these all collateralised loans

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