ADVANC reports 1Q after closes, Bt7.22b consensus, on higher ARPU.

BTG sets up Betagro Ventures a new corporate venture arm to incubate new food and agriculture tech ventures, expecting to spur innovation across its ecosystem.

Comment: They’ve run out of ideas..

BGRIM sets up B.Grim Power Future Solution (BGPFS) to jointly invest in 80mw solar project with SCCC in Saraburi valued at Bt1.92b, BGPFS holding 25% of the project.

CPNREIT announced final offering for 990m additional trust units at 1:0.3855 @ Bt10.2/unit, subscription from Apr 23 to May 8, 2024.

HMPRO reports Bt1.71b, +6.2% yoy, topped Bt1.67b consensus.

Comment: Even in this absolutely crap environment HMPRO still reported profit growth..just amazing.

SCCC reports Bt1.16b, 1Q Net Profit, +53% yoy, mainly due to strong cement sales from Sri Lanka unit, lower energy costs yoy & restructuring across affiliates group, expects government infra approval in 2Q & lower energy costs after completion of solar project in 3Q boost earnings.

Comment: Oh magic profits – and you doubted this…SCCC could keep going…SCC will be next after petrochem recovers

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