Is the Land of Smiles going to finally have a legal casino? It looks like it with Las Vegas Sands hosting the media.

A couple of weeks after military strongman and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha shot down the controversial idea, Sands, whose CEO Sheldon Adelson is ranked 18th on the 2015 Forbes billionaires list, last week flew a group of Thai journalists to Singapore to witness the economic contribution its Marina Bay Sands “integrated resort” has brought to the city-state.  

“If given the opportunity, we would be interested in Thailand,” Krist Boo, Marina Bay Sands’ vice-president in charge of communications, told the Thai media.

Ms Boo said the country’s developed infrastructure, skilled workforce and popularity as a tourism destination were all appealing factors.


We all know that there are several underground Casino’s in Thailand (rumoured of course!) to be operated by the police and several ex-politicians. So would this really be a negative thing for the country? Singapore has been booming since the introduction of both Integrated Resorts, shouldn’t one of the largest tourist destinations in the world have one as well?

Source: Bangkok Post

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