A slightly sensationalist headline I admit but according to a Reuters report

The quantity of water collected in the three dams totaled 5 billion cubic meters last November, compared to the normal 8 billion cubic meters, said Thanasak Watanathana, governor of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. As of Monday, there was about 660 million cubic meters left, according to the Royal Irrigation Department.

“Right now, there is only enough water in the dams to distribute for about 30 more days – if it doesn’t rain,” Thanasak told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an interview.

And the quality of the water is currently crap

Normally, the flow of water from the rains and dams keeps saltwater from the Gulf of Thailand at bay. But during droughts, the saltwater creeps upstream, turning the Chao Phraya brackish.

The seawater can kill crops and threatens the pumping station that siphons off water from the river, about 100 km (60 miles) from the gulf. The waterworks authority produces 5.2 million cubic meters of tap water per day for 2.2 million residential, business and industrial customers, but is not equipped to treat saltwater.

So the only reason this is interesting to me, other than the fact that we may run out of water, or that water prices may increase in the near future, is what will happen to companies like EASTW and TTW?

  1. Hi Pon.

    I own both EASTW and TTW and they make up part of my core holdings. So, I’ll bite and ask the question; What will happen to companies like EASTW and TTW? How do you see this unfolding? I thought these 2 companies represented safety in the market, but I might be wrong. Does this offer a chance to load up again on these 2 dividend stocks? What would you do if your plans were to hold for the long-term?

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