Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 286 mn

  • THG – I think they are now the most expensive hospital in the region.
  • SABUY – Apparently lots of deals still going on

Sell(s) THB 5.4 bn

  • TRT – There must’ve been a typo in the SEC filing as it doesn’t make sense. So keep that in mind. TRT’s share price never hit 4,xxx.xx
  • MINT – And this director continues to exit.
  • A5 – The director of this small/mid size developer dumps shares.
  • YGG – He sold a bunch of warrants
  • PRIME – Another director dump
  • PROEN – The CEO of this data center co dumps shares.
  • TEAMG – Wife of a director dumps post the share price pump.
  • JDF – New Food IPO, great price performance = this director selling

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