Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 651 mn

  • BDMS – The family takes a huge buy, THB 400 mn, vaccines are going to make them a small fortune.
  • TRITN – I have too many question marks about this company.
  • TPIPL – Family member buys 20 mn shares, doesn’t offset the below.
  • RS – He’s still believing in the next move of their business

Sell(s) THB 3.5 bn

  • TPIPL – A YUGE amount of sales by the family members, I wonder to what entity.
  • SFLEX – Big sale by the CEO, ~8% of the # of shares to BTS (6%) and 2 others.
  • BOL – That’s the first time in a long time he’s sold shares, a huge block, not sure to whom.
  • AI – MD dumps 1% of shares.
  • THRE – A director sells off a stake.
  • MC – Ohhh finally a seller here

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