Notable Transactions
Buy(s) THB 260 mn

  • BA – The family continues to support the share price with another THB 80 mn bought in shares
  • LIVE – This has to be an off the market trade, a Director just bought THB 119 mn worth of shares, just over 5% of total shares

Sell(s) THB 693

  • KIAT – I’ve always liked KIAT’s business model, stable demand from PTT but @ 37x earnings no wonder then MD sold THB 94 mn, then again it did jump another 50% since he sold….
  • MEGA – A highly traded PE stock still @ 28x earnings, I’ve heard both the bull & bear argument, my viewpoint, new IPO, management still continues to sell and sell and sell, plus its growth isn’t meeting expectations.
  • NMG – The Vice Chairman sells of a decent amount of Warrants
  • RS – The first time I’ve seen a big sell by a director in RS, and this is huge @ THB 336 mn
  • TUF – A director sells at a peak price for TUF, post the news it was going to do a stock split

141215 mgmttrades

  1. Pon, I was just wondering if you know of any other companies that are comparable to TTW that I can do an comparative analysis on?


  2. Pon, would be interested in getting your take on the rollercoaster day today in the main index. Looks like panic selling in the afternoon had the index down 9% at one stage. Stocks like BigC and BGH were down nearly 20% at one stage, incredible really.

    • Someone sells, someone else sells, margin calls are reached, forced selling occurs and then some snap up good names @ damn cheap prices, hope you did too 🙂

      There were rumours around, will post later tomorrow.

      • I did pick some up but not right at the bottom at 9% but that’s just luck of the draw on days like these.

        Thanks Pon, really enjoy reading work, you have a healthy dose of scepticism which most other stock analysts seem to be missing in thailand.

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