Notable Transactions


  • MINT – The owner puts in a massive public bet on his company at THB 2.99 bn


  • BGH – A director and major shareholder sells a massive stake @ THB 1.4 bn to “institutional investors” in other words, shareholder battle is over.
  • SPCG – A director sells off THB 75 mn of his holding in the company.

  1. Sir,
    I would like to thank you about your blog, as a student and amateur investor in Thailand your blog gives me a lot of interesting information.

    But i don’t understand why Mr. Heinecke first sells (your post 10.9-14.9) 68 million shares avg. price 15.50.
    And now buys 178 million shares at avg. price 16.70THB

    • Hi Miko,

      If I had a crystal ball then I would be able to answer your question….

      One can never know why management sells shares, maybe he had a personal transaction on the side that needed funding, but really unless you know him personally this is tough to answer with only just public info available.

  2. Hi Pon.
    I agree with Miko, I too, would like to say “thank you” for your site. I do have one request though. Is it possible for you to have at least three weeks (or maybe even for the month) of the Buy and Sell Transaction section left up together? This would help the readers see the last month’s buy and sell transactions together and it would help them compare and correlate this information quickly without having to search for it, as now is the case. And keep the company interviews coming, as I use them to help decide on a stock and appreciate your hard work in putting them together.


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