Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 117 mn

  • BA – And the owner continues to buy more and more shares back in BA

Sell(s) THB 2 bn

  • MK – The founding family has sold off its shares in MK to a new group, it’s a deal that has been sitting on Ibankers tables for the past 1.5 years, haven’t heard anything about this new group, but wouldn’t be surprised to read solar/renewable projects coming through.
  • ITD – The founder sells off a decent chunk of shares, why? Infrastructure not working out? Or just an expensive stock price?

150623 mgmttrades

  1. Thank you for sharing the insider buy/sell chart. Very interesting.

    Would be very interested to know the link to the chart showing the Company, Name of insider, value, share price and amount of shares bought or sold……… That would be very much appreciated to know the URL link.

    Thank you

    jerry nissen

      • Thanks for info…. Yes, I can get the daily report, but you have a compiled list covering a month I believe……. Is there a contact at SEC that provides a 30 day period?? The list you folks have is unique and far more useful than the daily, which does not compile or accumulate buys and sells over a 30 day period.

        As a foreigner, I am seeking new sources. I am not familiar with sources as I am in the US. Need some help from you… šŸ™‚

        Your guidance would be tremendously appreciated.

        Kind regards


        • Hi Jerry,

          You can select the time period of the management trades and the site will provide you with the full details.

          What I post is a summary of all the transactions otherwise during a month it may be 400-500 which is far too much, hence why I summarise by company.

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