Notable Transactions:


  • BGH – A group of major shareholders/management/directors purchase over THB 45 mn
  • ERW – A family member/director purchases a combination of the stock and the warrant
  • TVD – The CEO purchases THB 16 mn


  • EMC – K. Chanachai, a well known stock punter, offloads shares in his co
  • IHL – A director offloads a massive amount of shares, THB 63mn, IHL is linked to the auto industry, perhaps a sign that this years massive growth won’t continue into next year.
  • PPC – THB 160 mn shares sold between the founders, not such whats going on here
  • TUF – THB 335 mn sold by a director, one of the largest sells I’ve seen ever!

121225 mgmttrades

Note: ERW and SIRI transactions included warrants hence the lower avg price vs the market price


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