Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 325 mn

  • EARTH – The owner buys a significant stake in the co
  • JAS – On the news that their IFF is about to finally go through, a Director buys THB 86 mn worth of shares
  • NMG – The owner puts more $ into the company, THB 127 mn, will digital TV be the driver that they hope?
  • RS – Another big purchase in RS, this time by K. Surachai to the tune of THB 51 mn, their ad rates will double next year

Sells(s) THB 102 mn

  • BTC – Looks like the largest shareholder (which is only 5%) of the company has sold out

141129 mgmt_trades

  1. Insider transaction tabulation is helpful and useful….. Would you mind sharing with me how to get same information for months of July Aug Sept Oct? So many thanks. Jerry Nissen, CFA

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