These directors and management teams were still active in the last week of 2023. They all needed to fund their holidays in Japan.

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 286 mn

  • MINT – Looks like a swap. Presume to avoid/”minimise” tax paying next year.
  • RAM – The MD add’s another 1.6 mn shares to her 27 mn.
  • KSL – It’s perhaps the cheapest sugar stock in the world – ok ok in Thailand – this director/family member is buying – but there is a reason why its cheap…

Sell(s) THB 249 mn

  • SABUY – Didn’t this MFer say that they were going to do a sharebuyback and that some Funds were naked short selling the stock. So he made himself look all high and mighty – and magically creates a little pump in the share price and then this MFer decides to dump some shares?
  • MINT – See above
  • SSP – The MD held 79 mn shares or 6.4% before this transaction…now still ~ 5.3%

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