Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 548 mn

  • SABUY – A massive purchase by the founder. Similar to many others, he sold the free warrants and bought the shares.
  • JMT – Founder buys and buys
  • JMART – Founder’s son buys and buys
  • MAJOR – Ohhhhhh, Vichai is back into buying shares in his own co? That’s a rarity.
  • SPALI – The husband & wife team continue to keep buying their own shares.
  • ILINK – Founder buys – The company has been able to win projects

Sell(s) THB 361 mn

  • SABUY – see above
  • SISB – She still has some 200 mn shares after this sale..
  • RAM – I still find it amusing that a “captain” owns shares in a hospital.

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