Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 210mn

  • GLORY – Well…an online bookstore in Thailand – the CEO has bought a fair amount of shares, team thinks NFT play to pump it
  • NUSA – Another great crony play.
  • SLM – A suspended name? Probably a relisting play.

Sell(s) THB 605 mn

  • TKN – If the family continues selling out, what message does it send to the market? I suspect we’ll see a take over one day, founders don’t know how to expand beyond their existing model.
  • MINT – He’s been selling since covid hit
  • IT – The 2nd largest shareholder sells a block to?
  • PROEN – The CEO sells a significant portion, a quick look at the shareholders..MINT’s founder has 5mn shares there..
  • STGT – B-b-b-b-but STGT is now a value play?

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