Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 179 mn

  • GBX – The Managing Director takes a stake – doesn’t appear to be a top 10 shareholder
  • KLINIQ – A swap amongst friends?

Sell(s) THB 985 mn

  • STEC – The end of Anutin and BJT? Not sure on the seller, but this is ~3% of total outstanding shares.
  • TU – Another dump by the owner.
  • GIFT – So the relatively new owner of GIFT, reduces his stake from 25% to 20%
  • EMC – The CEO of this defunct entity sells all his shares (8%) of total outstanding
  • NETBAY – This piqued our curiousity, NETBAY does have a decent outlook for the next few years, rare to see the founder sell, hopefully he’s not buying a ferrari (go back to the days of BEAUTY, to understand this…)
  • KLINIQ – See above
  • RAM – Ah hospital names…weirdest shareholder structures…

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