Note: There are several “strange” companies with relatively large transactions occurring below.

Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 231 mn


  • SPALI – The family buy’s shares, its probably one of the few property companies that is continuing to perform well.

Sell(s) THB 1.5 bn

  • JWD – The COM7 owner bought into JWD, he’s been on quite the acquisition spree.
  • PRIME – I have a lot of questions marks about this company…
  • SUN – That’s ~6% of total shares sold by the major shareholder to..?
  • NOVA – ~5% of shares moved to … ?
  • CGH – One of the sons needs liquidity?
  • CHG – One of the better performing hospital stocks this past year, a Director sells.
  • STGT – Family member sells,
  • TWZ – The Chairman sells ~3% as a block to…?
  • AS – Does the owner not think AS can maintain its COVID era performance?
  • SCI – That’s a first sell I’ve seen by the founder in … forever.

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