Notable Transactions

Buy(s) THB 7 bn
  • BTS – A trade between father and son
  • RS – Despite the company selling treasury shares the owner still continues to buy
  • NBC – Involved in both NMG and NBC
  • IFEC – A share swap between tnhe two major shareholders
  • SYNTEC – This “smaller” construction co has been able to increase their project revenues over the past few years consistently. i do worry about their ability to take on larger projects in the future though.
  • ACD
  • CGD
Sell(s) THB 7.5 bn
  • BTS – See above
  • BEAUTY – Sale to an investment fund
  • IFEC – See above
  • NBC – See above
  • NINE
  • AJD
  • WHA – I’ve been hearing rumours the the owner has taken a personal loan to buy the RO shares and is using the recent increase in share price to sell shares.
  • CGD
  • MINT
  • CHO
  • CSS

150301 mgmt_trades_month

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