Notable Transactions

Note: All transactions highlighted are above THB 20 mn in value

Buy(s) THB 2.2 bn

  • MC – Basically a swap of shareholding between husband and wife
  • CGD – They have the news of their massive property projects going ahead, plus a potential REIT in the future.
  • PICNI – CP Group buying into Picni?
  • WHA – Has been the best performing industrial real estate firm
  • NWR – Once the infrastructure projects go ahead, this company will do well
  • VGI – A monopoly on the BTS, plus MACO, plus retailers.
  • PPS – Interesting to see a Director buy a big stake in this relatively small co

Sell(s) THB 3.2 bn

  • MC – See above
  • ACAP – The stock price had shot up during this period, hence why management most likely sold out.
  • OCEAN – n/a
  • TPIPL – The upcoming capacity increases have made this company worth THB 14-16 depending upon who you are talking to.,
  • ABC – Reverse IPO somehow led to the stock price being run up even though there are no profits,
  • BANPU – Simple, there isn’t any growth coming out of BANPU
  • TPGRO – This company has done a recap twice and there’s still nothing to show for it.
  • NYT – Issue for volume growth without a new site.
  • PS – A wonderful performing property co, stock price has been one of the star performers this year
  • BLA – I’ve been wrong on the Bancassurance growth for a long time
  • AEC – Newly listed securities co, they have been buying brokers left right and center,
  • SPI – N/a
  • LH – Well, perhaps the best property company in Thailand but growth is sub par when compared to others.
  • PTG – A long time story that I like actually

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