There’s a lotta market stuff out there..but here’s the easy one ..the uptick rule is re-instituted….soo…POS companies can still go to zero – but perhaps don’t be surprised to see the overall market volume decline rapidly as the computers leave…

Here’s some news on it

1) The qualifications for the non-SET100 securities eligible for short selling have been amended to require larger market-cap shares with more trading liquidity. Under the new regulation, the minimum three-month average market capitalization requirement for the non-SET100 securities will be raised to THB 7.50 billion (approx. USD 204.03 million). Additionally, 12-month average monthly turnover of at least 2 percent will be introduced while the minimum free float of 20 percent of paid-up capital will remain unchanged. The list of shares eligible for short selling under the new regulation will be published on the SET website.

2) The uptick rule, which requires short selling at prices higher than the last executed price, will replace the current zero-plus tick rule, which allows short selling at prices equal to or higher than the last executed price. Regulatory measures on program trading

3) HFT investors will be required to register before sending HFT* orders to strengthen the oversight of this group of investors. Disclosure of investors who conduct inappropriate trading practices

4) SET will disclose information of investors who conduct inappropriate trading practices to all SET broker member companies, enabling more effective supervision.

Source: SET

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