Up and until the latest flu virus hit I was of the viewpoint that

  1. 2020 would see a recovery in YoY economic #’s
  2. Tourism figures would continue to improve
  3. Banking would still be weak due to the industry’s structural changes
  4. The THB/USD would be slightly weaker but not by more than -1% or so
  5. Property would stabilise
  6. Commodities would begin a start of a long term bull run
  7. This government would see continued pressure

With this flu virus, the above is definitely postponed – the question for me is for how long.

Although I think in light of the continued pollution in Bangkok, the pathetic response to the flu virus, a continued weak economy leads to further pressure mounting on this rather useless government. The military should’ve left after 1-2 years. They’re doing a marvelous job at proving how incompetent they are at managing a country.

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