I can’t get over thinking that with the new government in charge that there is going to be a massive wave of investments unleashed into Thailand.

The country has been stuck with a bunch of donkey kongs running the place for the past decade whom had no idea how to do anything other than suppress their own population (the only war the Thai military has won in the past century is against it’s own citizens).

Don’t waste your energy on how this government came to be, realise that on the investment side that deals have and are being made left right and center, yes there’s going to be a stupid amount of corruption, instead focus on where the capital is going and focus on it. I have my eyes on PTT group and friends, continued tourism expansion, a digital angle, agri, and an expansion of Non-Chinese only investments in the country.

For those commenting “oh but this, that, xyz” continue living in the past and missing the obvious upside. Thailand is going from an absolute dog $hit decade to a sudden uplift. It’s going to be fun, enjoy it, until the next coup…

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