The market hasn’t been performing well on the back of a continued weakening economy, relatively crap 1Q15 numbers, the BOT recently saying they need to weaken the baht to push growth, and still not the cheapest valuations, it’s only natural that things are coming off.

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  1. So what would be the play here? Banks a sell with the downward trend in rates, weakening baht a great play for electronic and food exporters? One of my colleagues bought BAY at 55 a while back thinking it was a bargain dropping from the 90s…hope he sold out, gotta love retail investors.

    But looking at valuations, Banks have weakened massively and electronics are looking overvalued…

    CP Group maybe a good beneficiary of baht depreciation with 65% sales in foreign currency…

    • As annoying and stupid as this sounds – any business with continual growth prospects despite the currency volatility and economic weakness.

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