Watch for a messy re-opening for tourism. Too many q’s re Phuket…1) Will this incompetent bunch of donkeys actually be able to systemically vaccinate the population there? 2) What about the tourists from Bangkok that frequent Phuket at the moment, do they not outnumber the potential number of foreign tourists for the next 3-6 months? Would you feel comfortable going to Phuket?

Watch for a messy period post Songkran, same playbook applies. Don’t be surprised to see another “lockdown” or “travel restrictions” due to cases that suddenly popped up over the weekend. It’s amazing that testing always goes up during protest periods and before long holidays. (not a conspiracy theorist, just pointing out facts, prove me wrong)

M&A’s – You’re already seeing this throughout the market, AWC took a POS hotel for 1.9 mn/key. Even after renovations, it’s only going to cost them ~4.5 mn/key (assuming no room # increase). Great price. CENTEL is acquiring F&B chain’s at peanuts. A weekend trip in Pattaya proved 1) The popular places F&B’s are booming! 2) The rest are gone.

Btw anyone else noticed that MAI beating the SET hands-down over the past 12 months?

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