And now the fun starts. 1Q earnings are continuing to be released for Thai companies/region/world. Economies are going to begin opening up.

What is currently being priced into the markets/sectors/names? Hope? Reality? Will there be a disappointing in how slow the economy opens up? Several businesses are gone, salaries are lost, debt has been accumulated. I still have a viewpoint that the relief rally continues, but I am wary that reality will set in some time this month and the question will then be for how long will things remain subdued.

  1. I concur. In the micro-outlook, Thailand will escape much better than EU, UK (clown house) and US.
    Unless it panics and brings back the Chinese and Indian tourists in uncontrollable numbers.
    I anticipate that Trump is/will switching to election mode:
    – attack China in every way possible
    – accept the inevitable number of virus deaths in the US
    – concentrate on raising hopes for the economy and the stock market (aka 401k) .
    If Faussi continues to interrupt that narrative, with his outlook for a new surge in infections in the Fall, he will be sidelined (he already has) and a yes-man replacing him.
    without a doubt, the US will pay for the population of lemmings that it has. (we even have a number of them (expats) here in my small village in NST)
    wild card: Iran
    I anticipate that the remainder of this year will continue to be a wild ride for equities, bonds, currencies. Curious to see how Bitcoin will perform – will it be regarded as a safe haven by more people?

    • i still view bitcoin as digital gold/insurance versus fiat devaluation, worth a bet. and just wait and see over the decade.

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