Here’s the dirty little secret, local restaurants, coffee shops, retail have zero impact on GDP. If they’re shut down, it doesn’t show up in the #’s.

I have a simple viewpoint regarding the markets still, it hasn’t changed much. Some trends come and go but the supply chain issues will last for the rest of this year before capitalism hopefully takes over and settles in 2022.

For Thailand, it’s going to be a crazy 2 weeks with 1Q21 #’s being released. I still expect everything will look pretty good YoY and then 2Q21 will show amazing #’s and 3Q21 will still look great.

Politics – next elections are in 1Q23. How crazy could this place get next year? Will they still use covid as a mechanism to prevent protests? Crime is increasing, it’s not reported, but it is. If there was a listed gun company I would be all over it. But hey Apple released a new purple iPhone, sales for COM7 will be YUGEEE.

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