The market has started the year nicely with a quick +1% gain. But the funnymentals from last month remain a weak domestic consumer, a confused global trade situation where manufacturing plants are re-aligning and setting up facilities outside of China and have a look at oil. I’m ignoring the news about a WW3 and Iran’s oil output won’t put a dent in the global supply figures. But this event has definitely boosted oil prices slightly faster than I expected. If anyone has a good EP play in Thailand (ex PTTEP) or the region do let me know.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    iran’s oil output won’t make much of a dent – but if there should be some resulting problems in the strait of hormuz that might put a dent in the oil exports of saudi arabia, kuwait, bahrain, the uae and katar – and THAT would be a little bit more calamitous…

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