Still watching the earning’s no surprises thus far.

Bangkok is extending it’s lockdown for another week. Likely to remain until you see the “positive case” figures decline back to xxx levels.

Although I thought there was enough evidence proving that the negative impact of lockdowns outweigh positives.

I’m going to keep banging on about commodities, does it make sense that they’re up given the drop in demand? Sure….ag is capex intensive, seasonal etc, lockdowns (# migrant workers down ) and policies made shipping ridiculously difficult, no new supply coming online, and don’t forget China has had to deal with ASF, droughts, floods in 2019-2020, that country is buying up everything protein-based.

Politics – I would not be surprised to see 2022 being rather volatile. Elections should be held in March 2023. If you’re against this government, constitution, system, the prime period may be October ’21 – May ’22.

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