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  • Does the resurgence of the news about the Red Bull murderer lead businesses/events not working with Red Bull, shift to others and lead to higher sales for CBG and OSP?
  • Will the spike in oil prices due to the Beirut explosion fade?
  • Will the students protests have an impact? Or just fizzle out as a non-event?
  • For the companies that expectedly report an awful 2Q financial performance (i.e. BH) will their share prices rise as the worst is behind them?

  1. Technical analysis may be voodoo (is a picture worth a thousand numbers?). But a look at the WTI chart shows the impact of the Beirut fuck-up: negligible. Actually, the gradual uptrend/consolidation is still intact; no breakout–yet. This price action preceded the explosion by months.

    Red Bull is a marketing phenomenon in the West. many enthusiasts in New York possibly think it comes from Taipei. This was the work of an Austrian. Local fans may well prefer M-150, Snake, Carabao, etc. But, abroad, the competitors’ marketing, the image, is simply not there–a little insight into the peculiarities of Thai investment abroad, in the West. At some point, representatives of TMT, Thai Management Technique, end up in the same room with Aliens. Any farang kee nok who has worked at a certain level in Thailand can describe this in an interesting way. (There are exceptions, CP is not one of them.)

    As for those pesky students and their goddam social media which need to be shut down PDQ (which, however, they aren’t…yet) Time to show a little humanity here: Gen Apirat is getting phone calls at 2AM: Marxism-Schmarxism, doesn’t he realize the investment Loong has in a certain tech concern??? Induced insomnia is no joke. You think it’s easy, juggling preventive detention, Oktoberfest guest lists, the bloody bleeding BBC and the requirements of the Oligarchy all at the same time?

    • final off topic: Speaking of generals, seeing that latest helmet with the spike -I cannot get Monty Python’s loony Kaiser out of my head. save your sanity and soul – see .

    • Everyone uses technical analysis….they just don’t realise it. Agree re oil prices.

      Red Bull – was referring to the domestic market. But yes re international market – Dietrich did an amazing job.

  2. Diversion tactics? Boss still pursued. Burmese convicts taken off Death Row. What about Billy and the other judicial farces.
    My respect is boundless for your brave young students showing real backbone. Not like the supine middle classes with mortgages. My portfolio just moved into negative territory for the first time this year. Out or remain. Decision for the Market and my home of the last 14 years. Hhmmm

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