1. Meanwhile, on the other end of the continent…
    Austria, The Netherlands, Finland, Malta and maybe Cyprus remain the only viable economies in the euro currency zone for the next few years. Baby goats to pull a big cart. Look for the next and worst Euro crisis.

    Global growth and also demand for oil is likely to take a bit hit.

    Then we have Russia losing its war in Ukraine along with its young men. An existential crisis for its old leader and his legacy. But he will not use the only weapons that can save him, tactical nukes. That’s just crazy. He’ll give up, get humiliated and retire in shame to be replaced by some new democratic leader fresh from jail.

    But first he’ll send in a conscript army and hope for the best. Because after nuking Ukraine even China and India might think twice about buying Russian oil.

    So I think oil might dip before it really takes off.

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