I’ve been thinking that oil may drop by some 10% in the coming weeks and so the one main factor that has been holding the market up may disappear. Interesting that every contractor has been weak recently, STEC for financial reasons, ITD for obvious ones…and UNIQ, wouldn’t be surprised to see this sector perform strongly over the coming 12 months given the obvious number of infrastructure projects coming.

    • Have you gone through the numbers? Its straightforward. Just as Xavi mentioned earlier, its due to the past projects cost overruns i.e. Phuket airport and the government house. The projects you’re referring to are recent i.e. 1-2 years and they are still beginning construction on them.

  1. Peter if I were to rank the 4 large players for investsbility I would go CK (because of their value holdings) UNIQ, STEC and ITD distant fourth. I hold some UNIQ myself and want to get back into CK if the right price comes along. STEC too expensive even at current prices. iTD debt laden basketcase

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