Ouch ouch ouch, nothing good happening in the market unless its tourism related…or DELTA…market is -4% for the year in thb, close to -7% in usd terms.

So, when pre-election rally news? Brokers started it a month ago before being hit by the sell off in global markets…

FY 22 earnings were, AWFUL, for the market due to several massive write-off’s in 4Q by the large sectors (specifically KBANK, BANPU, IVL, TRUE)…

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    BANPU awful? some others (TRUE has always been awful anyway), but BANPU?

    Financial Statement (F45)

    (In thousands)
    Financial Statement
    12 Months
    Ending 31 December
    Year 2022 2021
    Profit (loss) 40,518,967 9,851,795
    attributable to equity
    holders of the Company *
    EPS (baht) 5.649 1.591

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